Thursday, 1 July 2010


On May 3rd I played at Cheltenham Jazz Festival with an incarnation of my acoustic project Typewritten, accompanying silent films. Jamie Cullum curated some things for the festival and when I bumped into him randomly in November he told me that I should expect a call. It was nice of him to involve me considering I have no real profile of my own.

Typewritten has been up to 9 people live. I could only really bring 4 and therefore enlisted some serious multitasking monsters: Ben Bryant [amazing percussionist/drummer/vibes player], Tom Mason [double bass/violin/anything else you give him] and Ivo Neame [incredible pianist/sax/clarinet player who's also great on tuned percussion and drums]. I also did some live sampling, a break from the usual Typewritten all-acoustic philosophy.

So refreshing after all the volume of TTT and MA to play acoustic guitar, banjo and enjoy some of my friends' playing. Cheers to Tom Richards, the first friend of mine to join Cullum's band and basically bigged me up to him.

Jamie Cullum’s blog

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Photos: Renate Kerntopp

'1' Three Trapped Tigers [Typewritten remix] by mattcalvert

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